Yucca Root- A Strange Gift to Bestow?


I received a rather unusual gift from my mum the other day- a yucca root. She had seen it in the local vegetable shop and wasn’t sure what it was. She asked the lady serving and was told it was a yucca root and that you can cook it in the same ways as a potato. My mum then gave it to me as a gift because she knows I like to try new ingredients, especially when they are free!

This is an ingredient I have neither eaten or cooked with before but I was willing to try as I like to experiment with new things. Tonight, we have had a roast beef dinner and my oldest son asked me if we could have mashed potatoes. I decided to use the yucca root to make some roasties with a twist.

I will admit that this was a disaster! From my experience tonight, I do not recommend roasting a yucca. My best guess is that they are nice mashed, but I think I will have to experiment further. It was a rather strange gift for my mum to bestow, but I have enjoyed attempting to make something with this ingredient.

To save me the time of trying new cooking methods with a yucca root in the future, does anyone know how it should be cooked or do you have any recipe suggestions? Please comment below!


Written in response to the Daily Prompt ‘Bestow’ on The Daily Post