Why You Should Consider Using Micro Greens in Your Cooking


Many people are unaware of what micro greens are let alone why they should use them in their cooking. Also known as microgreens or micro herbs, these are simply the early versions of herbs and vegetables. You may have seen them being used in television cooking shows or garnishing plates in fine dining restaurants. However, these are not just an ingredient for the use of celebrity chefs as there are plenty of reasons why you should consider using them at home. Here are just a few of the benefits of using micro herbs in your cooking.

You Can Grow Your Own

Even those who are not green-fingered and do not have a large garden can grow microgreens. You can grow them at home in small pots on your windowsill and snip off the leaves to use in your cooking.

Micro Greens are Packed with Nutrients

Research has shown that younger plants are packed with more nutrients and antioxidants. They are especially rich in beta-carotene, vitamin K, and vitamin C. If you are looking for a health boost, it is well-worth considering adding these into your meals.

They Have an Intense Flavour

The flavours in younger shoots are more intense than the flavours of older leaves. For example, the micro greens of arugula or radish have an intense peppery flavour, while young pea shoots have a strong flavour of fresh peas.

Visual Appeal

Many people believe that you eat with your eyes before your mouth and that the presentation of a dish has a big impact on a person’s experience of eating the food. Microgreens look pretty on a plate and add to the overall visual appeal.

Written in response to the Daily Prompt ‘Micro’ on The Daily Post.