BOOK REVIEW: The Three Sisters Indian Cookbook

indian cookbook

I am not one for using cookbooks too often. I use my own knowledge of food to create dishes and if I do need a recipe, I look it up on the Internet. However, the one cookbook that I do use on a fairly regular basis is ‘The Three Sisters Indian Cookbook’.

As the name suggests, this book was written by three sisters; Sereena, Alexa, and Priya Kaul. The reason I love this cookbook so much is that it is aimed at people who are novices in terms of cooking Indian cuisine.

While I have many years of experience in cooking, Indian cuisine is something that I am still learning and perfecting. While many dishes are simple, there are also many that are a complex balancing act of spices and flavours.

This book starts at the beginning by explaining how to make a spice box so that you have all the spices needed to make delicious Indian food. The three sisters then contribute various recipes to the cookbook as they each have their own areas of culinary expertise.

The book is divided into sensible chapters that make finding the dish you want to eat easy. It begins with little snacks and starters before moving on to main course dishes. These are divided into chicken, lamb, fish and prawns, and vegetable dishes. There is then a section devoted to rice, beans, and lentils followed by a chapter on how to make bread and chutney. The book concludes with recipes for desserts and drinks.

All the recipes are easy to follow and have beautiful photographs to show the end result. It is written in such a way that I find it easy to adapt the recipes to my own tastes. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning the art of making flavoursome and authentic Indian dishes.