Review: Breakfast at Marmaduke’s Town House Hotel, York

four stars

I recently spent a rare evening away from home with my partner and we stayed at the beautiful Marmaduke’s Town House Hotel in York. Although this is a food blog, I must begin by saying that the room was a delight with antique furniture and a free-standing bathtub. Also, the reception staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. However, as the focus of this blog is food, I should move on to the breakfast we enjoyed during our stay. 

The dining room was light and airy, which made eating there a relaxed and pleasant experience. The waitress was lovely and explained that the menus were on the table and a continental breakfast was available on the side for us to help ourselves. She took our drink order immediately, and this was something that was welcomed as we had enjoyed a few drinks in the city the night before and were in need of a strong coffee. 

We both opted for a full English breakfast, which came with bacon, Yorkshire sausages, half a grilled tomato, mushrooms, black pudding, toast, and an egg cooked either fried, poached, or scrambled. The speed at which the breakfast arrived was quite surprising and everything was cooked perfectly.

Particular mention must go to the sausages as I am very picky about which sausages I will eat and I often decide as soon as I see a sausage on a plate that I won’t even touch it. The sausages served by Marmaduke’s Town House Hotel were what I describe as ‘real sausages’. By this, I mean that they clearly had a good meat content and had a good firm consistency. They are the type of sausages you buy from the butcher’s rather than those terrible processed sausages bought in packs from a supermarket. 

Overall, the breakfast at this hotel was great and our stay, as a whole, was very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this hotel to others and would go there again.