8 Reasons I Hate My Deep Fat Fryer


Like most people, I have many kitchen gadgets. Some of these can save lots of time and make life so much simpler. However, there is one kitchen appliance that I hate…. my deep fat fryer. Here are the reasons why I hate the deep fat fryer so much.

  1. I had a bad accident– The main reason I hate these appliances is that I had a really nasty injury once. It was turned on and had the lid open ready to use. I decided that I would put it under the kitchen extractor, which is above the hob, to get rid of the fatty smell. The hob is inbuilt into the work surface and is raised glass. As I slid the deep fat fryer along, the hot fat sloshed over the side an badly burned my skin. It was such a bad burn that it didn’t go red and blister; it went white as it had gone through deeper skin tissue. (I do realize this was my own fault!)
  2. They are no better than a chip pan– I don’t think they are any easier to use than a chip man and they don’t save you any time. Therefore, they seem a bit pointless.
  3. I hate cleaning it– Cleaning is something I do because I have to, not because I enjoy it. One of my worst jobs is emptying and cleaning the deep fat fryer. This alone is enough to put me off using it. 
  4. Expensive to buy and use– A chip pan is far cheaper to buy and use. Just to fill a deep fat fryer uses three bottles of oil compared to just one in a pan.
  5. Take up kitchen space– Regardless of whether you keep it in a cupboard or on the work surface, a deep fat fryer takes up space. They are just another dust collector. The limited amount of use mine gets really doesn’t warrant the space. 
  6. Makes the kitchen smell- OK, so does the chip pan. In general, I am just not a big fan of deep fat frying.
  7. Hardly used- The only thing I really make in the deep fat fryer is chips and we only have these 2-3 times a month. I am not one for buying frozen things to cook in a fryer and it is not my favourite cooking method. 
  8. Unhealthy- I am not a health freak by any means, but there is no denying that deep fat frying is probably the most unhealthy cooking method. There are so many other ways that you can cook food that is delicious. 

Am I alone in disliking this piece of kitchen equipment or are others not fans, either?


The Importance of Food Safety in the Workplace

food safety

Training staff in food safety and hygiene is essential in any business where food and beverages are prepared. While most people acknowledge that this is important to businesses in the catering and hospitality industry, this also applies to many other types of business. For example, care homes, retail businesses, large offices, and schools are all likely to have food preparation areas. Anyone who is using these areas and preparing food should have the relevant training. Here are just some of the reasons why this is necessary. 

  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Preventing the spread of diseases
  • Ensuring the safety of staff using equipment
  • Reducing the risk of chemical-related incidents and contamination
  • Creating a pleasant working environment

Training for Food Safety

There are some excellent training providers who deliver food safety courses and it is important that you use a company that delivers the appropriate training for your country of residence. If you live in the UK, then Create Care Training Ltd. has an excellent range of courses, including e-learning courses, that will give you the underpinning knowledge relating to food safety and hygiene.