WATCH: 10 Best Songs with Food in the Title


Something a little different on my blog today- music and song! Artists from around the world take their creative inspiration from many different sources and this is often the things that they see and do every day. One source of inspiration is the things they eat and drink as there are many examples of songs that are about food or have food in the title. Here are 10 of the best food-related songs. 

1. Strawberry Fields Forever- The Beatles

2. Brown Sugar- The Rolling Stones

3. Blueberry Hill- Fats Domino

4. American Pie- Don McLean

5. Lollipop- Chordettes

6. Banana Boat Song- Harry Bellafonte

7. Sugar Sugar- The Archies

8. Sugar and Spice- The Cryan’ Shames

9. Candyman- Christina Aguilera

10. Apples, Peaches and Pumpkin Pie- Jay and the Techniques


Feel free to add any more of your own in the comments box below if you can think of a good food-related song. There are plenty!

Inspired by the Daily Prompt ‘Song’ on The Daily Post- although it has been on my list of blog posts to add for a while!