The Very Controversial English Breakfast


It has recently come to my attention that a traditional English breakfast is a dish that seems to cause a controversy. Everyone’s idea of the perfect English breakfast is very different and this is apparent from watching the popular television series ‘Four in a Bed’ and from a recent television advertisement.

For those who do not know, ‘Four in a Bed’ is a television competition where bed and breakfast owners stay in each other’s establishments and give each other marks for the facilities, the cleanliness, how they slept and the breakfast.

On this series, there is always huge discussion about the breakfasts served, especially the English breakfasts. One of the biggest issues, unbelievably, is beans. Some bed and breakfasts serve beans and others don’t and this is always an important topic of conversation around the table. A further issue if beans are served is whether they should be served on the plate or in a small bowl separately.

Eggs are another cause of debate. How they are cooked and the runniness of the yolks is a bone of contention amongst the B & B owners. Next on the list is the meat on the plate. Is it best to serve smoked or unsmoked bacon? Are the sausages thick enough? Do the sausages have a high enough meat content?

This type of debate is replicated in a recent television advert. A group of young men is sat around a table in a cafe eating an English breakfast. One says that dipping the sausage in the runny yolk of the egg is the most important part of the meal. Another says that it is the beans that make the breakfast come together. Another argues that beans touching the egg is the worst thing that could possibly happen- personally, I agree. The final friend’s solution to this is that you should build a wall of crispy bacon. Again, I agree that crispy bacon is a must.

Who would have thought that a traditional English breakfast could cause so much controversy!