Best Italian White Wines

white wine

What is a good wine comes down to personal preference and opinion to a certain extent.  It may also depend on the occasion and what food you are eating to accompany the wine.  In terms of Italian wines, Chianti immediately comes to mind along with many other red wines.  However, Italy is a country that produces a wide variety of great white wines that can accompany many foods and are suitable for drinking on a variety of occasions.  As Italy is a very diverse country in terms of the climate and weather in different regions, the wines produced in this country vary significantly. Here are some of the best white wines that Italy has to offer.

Pinot Grigio

One of the most popular white wines from Italy is Pinot Grigio.  It is made from one of Northern Italy’s most common grapes and is widely used to complement the cuisine.  The flavors of Pinot Grigio tend to be peach and orange.  This wine is light in color and usually delicate and mild, although some producers make more full-bodied varieties.


An excellent dessert wine from Italy is Moscato.  This is made commonly in the South, predominantly in the region of Piedmont.  It is the Moscato grape that is used to make Asti Spumante.  This wine usually has a floral aroma.


For those who prefer a dry white wine, Cortese is an excellent choice.  Made from one of Italy’s rarer grapes in Northern Italy, this is one of the most unique and expensive wines that is produced in this country. The flavors are crisp and light bodied with tones of apple.  The best varieties also have overtones of honey.


Trebbiano is classed as the easy drinking wine of Italy.  This is one of the most commonly produced wines in Italy.  They are usually pale in color and can be drunk alone or as a great accompaniment to salad or pasta dishes.  They are typically quite an acidic wine, but increasingly, producers are adding sweetness to this variety of Italian white wine.


Soave is an Italian variety of white wine that is best enjoyed new rather than bottled for a period of time.  This is quite a dry wine that is straw colored and had has fruity flavors.  This is best enjoyed as an appetizer before or after a meal.


The final wine to be mentioned here, but by no means the least is Orvieto.  This is a light straw colored wine with hints of green in the light.  The taste and aroma are light, with a pleasant, bitter aftertaste.  This is a great wine to drink with most dishes and can be enjoyed on any occasion.

How to Make Pizza Bases


I love pizza, but my pet hate is frozen pizzas. The base always tastes like cardboard and the cheese topping usually resembles melted plastic. My children also love pizza but were only usually treated to it if we are eating out as I hated keeping pizzas in the freezer.

Instead, I decided to learn how to make delicious homemade pizza bases just like the Italians. There were many fantastic recipes and guides online with great tips on how to make the perfect pizza base.

The children loved it when I started making homemade pizza bases as it meant they could choose their own toppings and decorate the pizza themselves. My kids love getting involved in the kitchen and are more likely to eat all their meals when they have contributed to the preparation. Cooking is an important life skill to learn, a fun way to spend time with children and a great way to teach them about science and maths.

If you want to learn how to make pizza bases so you can make them yourself at home and get the kids involved in cooking, then this is a great video to watch:

Healthy Eating in Italian Restaurants


Most people enjoy a good evening out in a restaurant.  It is a great opportunity to let somebody else do the hard work of the meal preparation and the washing up, giving you the opportunity to relax and simply enjoy the food.  One of the most popular types of restaurants that people choose to visit is an Italian restaurant.  However, these are famous for their calorie-laden pizzas and rich pasta sauces. This can be difficult for those who are on a diet or are simply health conscious. In spite of this, much Italian food follows the principles of a healthy Mediterranean diet and lots of healthier options are available.  If you are looking for healthier options when enjoying an evening out in an Italian restaurant, then here are some ideas to give you inspiration for making healthy food choices.

Vegetable Based Dishes 

First, the Mediterranean diet is famous for making use of lots of brightly coloured vegetables, such as courgettes, tomatoes and peppers.  If you are choosing a pasta dish, then opt for one that is served with a sauce based around these ingredients rather than a richer, more unhealthy choice such as a cheese sauce as this is laden with fat and calories and will also lie heavily on your stomach for a long time after your meal leaving you feeling lethargic and bloated.

Meat Options

If you prefer a meat dish, then the healthier option is to look at chicken dishes rather than red meat dishes as these are usually lower in calories, whilst still providing ample amounts of protein.  If the meat is served with a sauce then try to choose a healthier option as previously described to reduce the fat and calorie content of the meal.  Many restaurants will also serve food without the sauce if requested.


When choosing accompaniments to a meal, ask for salad rather than chips, potatoes or cheesy garlic bread, as many people find themselves overfilled by such carbohydrate heavy accompaniments.


When it comes to desserts, it’s probably wise to avoid these altogether.  Many Italian desserts, such as pannacotta, are made using cream and are high in both fat and calories. However, if the temptation is too much, consider a fruit salad or a meringue.   Meringue is low in fat and calories, despite being made from a large amount of sugar.  Ask for any dessert you do choose to be served without additional cream, ice cream or custard.

Watch: How to Make Pasta


In my house, pasta is definitely a staple part of our diet. Not only is this because we love Italian food, it is also because it is such a versatile ingredient that you can include in such a wide variety of meals. Two further reasons we love pasta dishes is that it is a cheap food item and because it is so quick and simple to cook.

When I first had my own home, I would simply buy bags of dried pasta and use these in several dishes a week. However, once I realised how simple it was to make your own pasta and how much better it tastes, I started to make my own. While I have done this using a rolling pin to roll the pasta dough thinly for several years, I was recently lucky enough to receive the gift of a pasta making machine. This has quickly become my favorite kitchen gadget.

It occurred to me that there are many cooking novices out there who are not aware how good homemade pasta tastes and how simple it is to make. If this applies to you, then you may want to watch this quick tutorial to help you become a master pasta maker.