The Things My Children Observe and Learn in the Kitchen

s in the kitchen

I love cooking with my children, even though it is something I have been criticized for in the past. In my opinion, cooking is also a great way of teaching your children a variety of new skills. Spending time with them in the kitchen is a great way for them to observe and learn and is also something that they enjoy!

The most obvious skill they learn is how to cook. It astounds me how many people reach adulthood without having learned to cook because nobody taught them when they were growing up. Not everyone is going to become a brilliant cook, but there are basic skills that everyone should learn so they can make themselves a simple, healthy, and nutritious meal.

There are many other skills that children can learn in the kitchen. For example, the whole process of cooking is quite scientific and reading instructions from an ingredient packet or recipe book is an easy way to get them reading without them noticing. There are some great opportunities to teach them math skills, too. Measuring, temperature, and counting all come into preparing food at some stage.

More important than any educational lesson I can teach my children in the kitchen is the value of spending time together as a family. Meal times are family times in my house and this goes from the meal preparation to dining together. It is the only time of the day when we are all in the same room and it is when we share the events of our days. 

boys at tea


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13 thoughts on “The Things My Children Observe and Learn in the Kitchen

  1. I wish my mum did this with me when I was growing up. In September I am going to university, and the sad thing is the only thing I can properly make without burning anything are pizza wraps. The shame!

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  2. Hi there. This was so nice to read. I envy you as you share this time with your kids. I have encouraged my daughter many times to spend time with me in the kitchen, but she has no interest in it. I feel hurt sometimes because of it. I really do look forward to her and I in the kitchen and laughing and sharing ideas. thank you for sharing.

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  3. Why would you have been criticised for cooking with your children? That seems crazy! I wish someone had cooked with my husband when he was growing up, he quite literally couldn’t boil and egg when I first met him!

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    1. My mother-in-law told me off for baking a cake with the children because it is a waste of time, money and eggs! My partner is not a bad cook at all but he rarely cooks in case I tell him he is doing it wrong. I need to stop doing that because his food is great.


      1. I think all parents should cook with their children. You’re teaching them life skills, and making memories at the same time! No offence, but your MIL sounds a little joyless …!

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