Introducing Pietro the Pasta Maker- The Fruity Tart’s New Assistant

pasta 8

I am excited to introduce to you Pietro, my new pasta maker. In the style of Ainsley Harriet on ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’, I have decided to give it a name. For all of you who are not from the UK, ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ was a teatime cooking competition on TV that was presented by celebrity chef Ainsley Harriet. He would refer to the condiments as Susie Salt and Percy Pepper.

I am not entirely sure why I have decided to start naming my kitchen equipment. The only excuse I can make is that the children have been off school now for two weeks and I have had to look after them while still working from home and having building work done. Perhaps I am going a little deranged?

Anyway, you will now see Pietro appearing in quite a few blog posts now he has finally made it out of the cupboard. I actually got him as a gift from my mum for Christmas and I only got round to using him for the first time a few days ago. I made soft cheese and spinach ravioli with a garlic mushroom butter sauce and salad. Recipe coming soon!

10 thoughts on “Introducing Pietro the Pasta Maker- The Fruity Tart’s New Assistant

    1. It took age if I am honest but pasta doesn’t usually take me long to make. It only took so long because my children helped and my partner is relandscaping the garden and building something in the dining room. Lots of disturbance.There will be recipes up over the next few days!

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    1. It works amazingly! I have some recipes that I have already used it for and these will be posted soon. I have needed to focus on paid work today as my partner is having minor surgery in the morning. Hopefully, I should get a recipe or two up tomorrow.

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