You Know You’re a Foodie When…….

foodie frog

You know you’re a foodie when…….. your presents are food and cooking related! Its Easter Sunday today and I got some rather unusual gifts from my Mum. My children got the traditional Easter eggs from her, a book and a T-shirt each. She gave my partner an Easter egg and a small bottle of lemon vodka (she has been experimenting with making different flavours of vodka recently). What did I get? A bag of organic pasta flour and a set of three chutneys- mango & pineapple, chilli jam, and jalapeno pepper chutney. 

This is not the first time my Mum has bought me cooking presents. She knows I am not that interested in clothes and my house is full of enough clutter. Cooking related items are the perfect gift for me. At Christmas, I received a new pasta maker and a wooden spaghetti hanging rack.

On my 30th birthday, she made one of my best presents ever. It was a hamper full of Indian spices, The Three Sisters Indian Cookbook, and some tableware for serving Indian food. These may seem like strange gifts to other people, but to me, they are perfect. 


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