UK Residents Advised Not to Cook with Snow!

snow cooking

Unbelievably, Brits have been warned to avoid cooking with snow. During the recent snow storms, various warnings and advice have been issued by weather experts, TV weather news broadcasts, and newspapers. It is not surprising that the heavy snowfall has led to advice with regards to travel, staying at home, and taking additional care if you must leave the house. However, it is a little surprising that it is deemed necessary to advise people to avoid using the snow for the purpose of cooking.

As a resident of the UK, there are plenty of things that I can think of to do when it snows. When I was younger, this involved building snowmen, having snowball fights and sledding on the golf course. As an adult, the snow is more likely to encourage me to stay at home with a hot chocolate or a hot toddy. Never, at any point in my life, have I felt the temptation to pop outside and find some snow with which I can create a family meal.

The reason for the advice is that the snow that falls in the UK is not as pure as in other parts of the world. The water from which the snow is formed is untreated and is potentially full of harmful things. It also contains particles of nano-pollution. Although eating a bit of snow won’t kill you, it is believed that it has the potential to make you ill.

So, if you live in the UK and you were thinking of popping outside and getting some snow to melt to boil your veg, then think again. Me? I will try and restrain myself from cooking with the contents of my kitchen and staying warm in the comfort of my home.

4 thoughts on “UK Residents Advised Not to Cook with Snow!

  1. A few years ago I became aware of a recipe called snow cream, I guess it’s kind of like ice cream but fresh snow is used. I may be wrong on this but it seems primarily southern US. As kids, we were always told to avoid the yellow variety. 🙂

    I can imagine though that with pollution and such that it’s not quite as nice to eat.

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    1. The yellow variety! Yes, I would avoid that 🙂 I think in areas of the world that are unspoiled by industrialization eating the snow is fine, but the UK no longer has clean air in many parts, unfortunately.

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  2. I hadn’t thought about cooking with snow, but now that someone’s told me not to I have an overwhelming impulse to do it. Fortunately, the snow’s gone from Cornwall, so I’m safe.


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