Blog Name Change


This is just a brief blog to let my followers and readers know that the name of the blog has changed from ‘The Grub Hub’ to ‘The Fruity Tart’. You might notice this change in your notifications.

I was contacted by a company who told me that the name was infringing on their Copyright and that I needed to take action to change. Of course, I responded promptly and took action to rectify the situation.

I spent all of last night checking out different names and word combinations in search engine listings to find a name that would not infringe on any Copyright. I have also spent the morning changing the domain name on here with the support of the WordPress team. 

The content of the blog will change in no way at all. It will still include my recipes, food news, restaurant reviews, helpful tips and many other food-related blogs. The content that was already listed on this blog also remains the same.

I still have a few changes to make so that the blog fits with the new name, but I am looking forward to making a fresh start as The Fruity Tart today and hope that people will continue to visit my blog and enjoy my posts.

5 thoughts on “Blog Name Change

  1. Sorry to hear you had this problem, though there are a number of people using Grub Hub so I’m not sure why you were singled out. However, the good news is that I prefer the new name so they did you a favour.


    1. I think I prefer the name too. It is a bit different. I have also noticed since that several people are using Grub Hub. I was given this title as a suggestion from WordPress when setting up the blog initially.


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