Recipe Follower or Experimental Cook?


I am interested to know whether other people prefer to follow recipes or they enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.

Personally, I am a combination of both types of cook. When it comes to baking cakes and biscuits, I always stick to the recipe religiously. A slight deviation one way or another can completely change the results and not always for the better. I see baking as a science with a strict methodology that must be followed.

On the other hand, in all other areas of cooking, I rarely follow a recipe exactly and would describe myself as an experimental cook. If I use a recipe at all, and this is rare, then I will usually deviate from it. I will either add in extra ingredients or take out an ingredient to suit the tastes of myself and my family. 

Other times, I will simply use a recipe for inspiration. What I actually make may not resemble the meal that inspired me in the first place because I have just taken the basic concept and made it my own. 

More often than not, the meals I cook for the family are completely of my own creation using the ingredients that we like. I am quite adept at looking what we have in the fridge, freezer, or cupboard and making an interesting and tasty meal that everyone will enjoy.

I will gradually add more recipes to this blog and any followers will see that they are predominantly simple, tasty dishes for all the family rather than complicated, fine-dining type dishes. They are also of my own creation or adapted from other recipes.

Feel free to comment on what type of cook you are below.


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